Good news for yogi's: the low intensity exercise might be good for those with cancer

We know yoga is an exercise where you can strengthen your mind and body, but now, researchers are finding it is also a good prescription for breast cancer survivors.

Specifically, a study of 200 survivors at Ohio State's cancer center suggests yoga can be very helpful in curbing the fatigue that comes after radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

In her study, Dr. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser found that yoga, done twice a week for three months, revealed lower levels of inflammation in blood tests.

"We know high inflammation is associated with cardiovascular disease, with osteoporosis, with type 2 diabetes, with frailty and functional decline."

Dr. Glaser also says that after a series of yoga lessons, fatigue was reduced by half, and some patients also reported sleeping better and feeling more energized overall.

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