Permanent relief for heartburn sufferers has arrived

If you're one of the millions of Americans suffering from chronic heartburn, there's a new breakthrough that could bring permanent relief.

It's called "linx", and it works a lot like surgical procedures that reshape the stomach and tighten the esophageal passage, but it's a much simpler process. Linx is made up of tiny magnets that wrap around your esophagus like a bracelet.

"This thing can go around the door between your stomach and your food tube -- and it can open and close just like your normal door does. This operation instead of two to two and a half hours can take as little as 45 minutes to an hour and we don't have to change the stomach," says surgeon James Rosser.

Dr. Rosser says there's a scale of severity for heartburn sufferers, and anyone who is at a three or a four on that scale, could be a candidate. He says in most patients, heartburn is gone after the procedure, no matter what they eat.

I haven't heard if this procedure is done here locally. If you know a doctor who does the "linx" procedure, using magnets to correct reflux disease, call me, so we can learn more about it in another HealthWise segment.

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