Stroke Support: why exercise and friendship go hand in hand

Exercise is also a prescription that is helping stroke patients on their road to recovery, especially if one other factor is added....friendship.

Doctors at Medstar National Rehabilitation Hospital have been studying rehab efforts, individually, and in a group setting. They are finding that while the benefits of exercise may be obvious, it's the social aspect of being in a group setting that has some of the biggest rewards for these patients.

"Being with other people with similar issues who have walked the same walk, who have been there and know what it's like, you can't replace that with nurses and doctors and therapists," says stroke doctor Alexander Dromerick.

"When you talk to someone who's had a stroke, they can relate to exactly what you're saying," says stroke patient Theodore Jennings.

You can learn more about stroke and whether you're at risk at

If you are a stroke survivor, and you need some support, Covenant Hospital hosts the Lubbock Stroke Club. It is held the third Tuesday of every month, at Furr's restaurant. It begins at 11 a.m.

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