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HealthWise at 5 From 10.20

  • Artificial Heart

A new artificial heart has won approval from the FDA. It is designed to keep severely ill patients alive while they wait for a heart transplant. It's called the Cardiowest Artificial Heart, and it uses tubes to pump blood inside the body, taking over the job for the entire heart. It's attached to a large console about the size of a washing machine, which monitors and controls the implant. In studies so far, 79% of the patients who were given this device survived long enough to receive what they really needed, a new heart. By the way, the Cardiowest is a direct spin off of the original artificial heart. Remember the Jarvik Seven, which was developed more than 20 years ago. Heart failure is a chronic and incurable condition that weakens the heart's ability to pump strongly. Medicine can treat many cases, but when that fails, a heart transplant is often the only option.

  • Soy Fertility

Women hear a lot today about the benefits of soy. Researchers know that women who eat a lot of soy can lower their lower risk of breast cancer. The theory is that soy affects a woman's hormone levels, but what if you're trying to get pregnant? Seems like that would not be a good time to be influencing your hormone levels. So, researchers at Wake Forest University tested monkeys on a diet rich in soy to see if there was a change in their fertility, and they determined that the amount of plant estrogen in soy was not strong enough to reduce the risk of getting pregnant.

  • Getting Along

This could be a good reason for adding children to the family with an only child. Researchers at Ohio State University studied kids in school, and they found the kids with the edge in getting along with their classmates were the ones who were growing up with siblings at home. After watching the kids, they decided that kids who play, fight and resolve issues with siblings seem to deal better with fellow students. That's not to say an only child is in for trouble, only that when your kids are driving you crazy with their battles on the home-front, they could be learning little lessons about how to deal with others in school.

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