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HealthWise at 5 From 10.25

  • Stripes and Migraines

If you're trying to find a pattern to your migraine attacks, it might just be a particular "pattern" that's at fault. A study is getting underway at Birkbeck College in London to understand why stripes and other patterns set off debilitating headaches. It's estimated that up to half of migraine patients have visual triggers. Patients in the study will be exposed to stripes and other patterns to better understand what's happening in the visual cortex part of the brain.

  • Egg Donor Study

Women who donated eggs to change the lives of infertile couples are sought for a study on how their own lives were changed by the experience. The University of Washington is enrolling women in a study on the aftereffects of egg donation including any physical or emotional effects. Women who donated eggs prior to may of 2001 are eligible for the online survey. For more information e-mail ( egg ).

  • Vitamin D and Oral Health

Your healthy smile is counting on a daily dose of Vitamin D. In a study reviewing data from a large nutrition study, the agricultural research service found a connection between oral health and Vitamin D levels. People with levels of the "D" vitamin below recommended levels showed signs of periodontal disease. In contrast, study participants with normal levels of the vitamin had better oral health. Bone up your smile with foods that contain Vitamin D, such as dairy products, fish and fortified cereals. Another source, sunshine can also boost your "D"-lightful levels.

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