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The Stain Stomper: Does It Work?

We have all sorts of stains to test. Mud, strawberry, water based paint, spinach and markers. "These are some of the common things we use at the school and we find in our rugs and carpets," said Robin Cittre, Miss Robin's Day School Co-Owner.

Robin made sure we had some tough stains to work with because we're testing the stain stomper. "You take these towels and stomp the stain out and that's it," said NewsChannel 11. "It would make life easier around here," said Robin.

The instructions say to stomp and twist. Not sure how long we will have to do this, so Robin started twisting. "Wow!" Robin pulled up a majority of the stain. "Well better, but I can still see it," she said.

Robin twisted five times, but was not able to remove the spinach completely.

Moving on to the markers. Robin pulled a towel out and started twisting. "That one did real well," she said. Robin tackled this mud stain with the stain stomper only to find out she was dealing with a very stubborn stain. The directions say for stubborn stains, just moisten the towel with water and re-stomp. It was evident this stain was not going anywhere. So, we gave up on it and moved on.

Our next stain was fresh strawberry. The strawberry stain wasn't going anywhere either.

Finally, the paint stain. "This is washable, it's supposed to wash out of clothes," Robin reassured us. Robin twisted her heart out but the paint would not come out.

For $10, you get 40 towels. But during our test, five stains required nine towels and we still could not get the stains out of the carpet.

If you buy this product, you'll kick yourself, because it Doesn't Work!

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