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What Election Officials Are Doing To Cut The Wait At Early Polling Locations

With the election less than two weeks away, thousands of people are rushing to the polls here in Lubbock creating a long wait in some cases. In the first two days of voting, an estimated 6,200 ballots were cast in the general election and another 4,365 votes were cast in the City of Lubbock special election.

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Early voting brought long lines and a wait of hour or more at some polling locations. Officials tell us long lines and voter interest is something the entire state is seeing. "I talked to the secretary of state yesterday (Tuesday) and today (Wednesday) and the numbers are high everywhere and the lines are everywhere so this is great, it's a great problem to have," explains Dorothy Kennedy from the county elections office. It's a problem that has seemed to die down since Tuesday, with voters waiting less time thanks to additional staff and tables at polling locations.

The lines on Monday and Tuesday are something Kennedy says could not have been prevented, it's something the county was expecting. "I feel like we were ready. I think that the voters are coming out because they realize that their vote can make all the difference," she says.

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She adds if voters strategically plan where and when they will vote early, that may help eliminate the wait even more by going to less busy locations. "The courthouse is a great example, city hall, the United on Parkway Drive, those are great places," she explains.

Kennedy encourages people to be patient and know that waiting a few minutes now is worth beating the rush on November 2nd. "I think that the lines of the people that are there are ready to vote and their going to go ahead and vote," she says.

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