Can You Say 'I Beat Pete'

'I Beat Pete' is a weekly sports challenge segment that allows NewsChannel 11 viewers to challenge Pete to the game or sport they play. Football, basketball and baseball are the big sports, but there are tons of non-traditional sports being played here on the South Plains.

Simply come up with a creative and fair challenge for Pete and e-mail him. If selected and you beat Pete, you'll win an official 'I Beat Pete' t-shirt. If you lose, you'll still get a t-shirt, but one that will let everyone know that Pete beat you!

Pete wants everyone to know that while he is competitive, it's not about winning or losing but showcasing those lesser-known sports in our area. Since 1995 Pete has won about 30% of his challenges. He's never had a yearly winning record with his best mark of 22-28 coming in 2000.

Pete is ready to accept any and all challenges and maybe you'll get to say 'I Beat Pete' but Pete doubts it!

(Click here) to send your challenge to Pete!

(Note: Challenges are set up weeks in advance so if you have a time sensitive challenge, be sure to get your request in early.)