Hand sanitizing: the wrong way to keep yourself safe

We all know the value of frequent hand-washing; it's an easy way to prevent the flu and other viruses.

But a microbiologist says that even if we wash a lot, we're not doing us any favors unless our hands are soaped up for 15 seconds a wash.

James Arbogast is in the business of making clean hands a science. He's a microbiologist for Purell Sanitizers. And, he says there's a right way to use those too.

"You'll want to cover your hands and have contact time for about 15 to 20 seconds. And you'll want to hit your finger tips. Why do you hit your finger tips? Because that's where you touch things."

Arbogast also says most people do the "splash and dash", but the only way to clean away a virus is to scrub for 15 seconds, whether you have soap and water, or a sanitizer.

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