From fat

This research article is titled "from fan to fat"…which is pretty clever when you realize the topic is  about super bowl fans, and the way we celebrate, or crash after a loss.

Researchers at Case Medical center in Cleveland say that when your favorite team is losing, you eat more at a party.

It makes sense; maybe you just want to be distracted from the game. Of course, most super bowl parties are not full of salad bars and diet trays, but Dr. Lisa Cimperman says they have found that even if you don't overeat at the party on Sunday, Americans whose team loses tend to eat more calories and saturated fat the next day.

"That one day is not that bad, you just need to get back into your healthy eating habits and regular exercise routine the next day."

Dr. Cimperman says a study in France analyzed Americans' football-related food habits. And judging by restaurant sales, they found the day after the big game, weight gain is especially high in cities where there is a pro-team, and it loses.

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