Using food to fight cancer

Saturday kicked off another February dedicated to heart healthy living. But, it also began national cancer prevention month as well.

With about 1.7 million people diagnosed with cancer every single year, it's important to do what you can to lower your risk.

One of those things is using food to protect you. Dr. Cathy Ronaghan, a general surgeon at Covenant, explains why it's important we cut down on the fast food in 2014, and what we need to be picking up instead.

"You're getting nothing but badness, from the dollar burgers, you need to focus more on the plant based food, you don't have to be a vegetarian, but you should be getting good, whole food, plant based, good meat, good fats, but the majority of your diet should be whole foods, you need to get away from processed foods."

Dr. Ronaghan also says that you need to start your healthy lifestyle with baby steps, and a good way to start introducing vegetables into your diet is by juicing.

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