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Food for Thought Report 10.21

The hard work and dedication of two women feed 200 hungry children at Christ The King School. The women who run the hot lunch program aren't even on the payroll! They do it because they love it and they're dedicated to their school. Lynda Opperman, the cafeteria manager, says, "I've done it for so many years it's just so easy, systematic. I know what to do and what days we'll have what."

Food for Thought 10.21
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 10/21/04.

Opperman has been feeding the children of Christ the King School for 18 years now. She and co-worker Nancy Fetterly have never accepted a dime from the school or the church for all their efforts. Both are happy to be part of Christ the King's mission, and they also run a pretty tight ship. Opperman says, "We don't ever leave anything for later. As we go we clean. It's only the two of us, we just have to stay on top of it everyday."

Occasionally, people from Christ the King's volunteer tree come in and lend the two ladies a hand, and help is always welcome. Opperman says, "We will take anybody as long as you wash your hands and don't mind doing a little hard work or chopping or whatever. We supervise all volunteers to make sure they follow the guidelines of the health department."

As far as restaurants go, we have one top and one low performer. Let's start with our top performer. This restaurant's owner's were inspired by some remarkable catfish in Louisiana and they thought 'Why can't we bring this to Lubbock?" So they did! Owner, Larry Davidson, says, "Now that I've revisited that place, I like our fish better." When asked if he surpassed that Louisiana restaurant, he says, "I think I did... I think I did." and laughs.

Davidson and his wife took a great idea and ran with it. They opened D & G Catfish Corner at 4701 I-27 four years ago and this is their fifth time as a Food for Thought top performer! Davidson says, "We have a policy where if we won't eat it, we aren't going to serve it. So that's how we do." Davidson believes in staying clean and following health guidelines and he has a hard working staff to thank. He says, "I've got one I have to slow down. She works so hard. She's a clean ,clean, clean person."

So we know the restaurant is clean, but you gotta check out the food. Everything from sweet potatoes to a variety of catfish meals. The Catfish Corner is also more than just catfish, they've got BBQ too! Davidson says, "I really believe in good sausage. I have to go of town to get good sausage, nobody's got it. Of course he wouldn't divulge where he goes! We can't end a discussion on our top performer without what else, but dessert. Catfish Corner has a tempting big red cake and tantalizing almond joy cake. If you visit D & G Catfish Corner, one recommendation: wear some lose fitting pants!

While Catfish Corner is enjoying a flawless inspection, we do have one low performer to report. Texas Burrito at 2167 50th has four critical violations this week.

  • Improper cooling of potentially hazardous foods. Sausage and eggs were being held at room temperature.
  • Employees were washing their hands in a three compartment sink instead of the hand sink.
  • Chopped ham was not date marked.
  • Hand sinks in the kitchen and bathroom had no paper towels.

All violations were corrected on site. A manager could not be reached for comment.

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