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TxDOT, city crews preparing for new round of winter weather


With more snow and freezing temperatures forecast for the next few days, crews with the city of Lubbock and TxDOT are already preparing to keep the roads safe.

"Our streets crew is monitoring the conditions 24 hours a day. If there is any precipitation that comes down, any snow or anything, they will get there and start treating the streets," said Public Information and Marketing Manager for the City of Lubbock Jeff McKito. "They keep an eye on that and they'll work a 24-hour shift so that way we will have somebody out at all times if there are roads that need to be taken care of."

McKito says the city has 16 trucks ready for use and the first priority will be major streets and overpasses.

"We'll make sure the major streets are taken care of and we'll go over those," he said. "Bridges and overpasses are also a big thing. We'll want to make sure that those are clear because typically those are the first thing to freeze. Then we'll work our way out from there."

Across town, just off Slaton Highway, TxDOT crews spent the day cleaning their trucks and making sure everything was ready for the rest of the week.

"Our guys are getting their trucks ready again after another round of wintry weather," said Lubbock District Public Information Officer for TxDOT Dianah Ascencio. "They're washing them up, cleaning them up, making sure that everything is working properly on them."

Beginning Wednesday evening they're going to monitor the weather as well as road conditions and will be ready as soon as the weather arrives.

"The first things that we pre-treat are bridges and overpasses because they do ice up first," said Ascencio. "We're going to try to make the roads as safe as possible."

Treating the roads will improve driving conditions, but both the city and TxDOT say people still need to use caution.

"Please slow down and drive to conditions. Increase your following distance, make sure that you have enough space and room to stop in case you see somebody applying their brakes," Ascencio said. "Third, please give our workers the room that they need to do their job because they're trying to make the roads safe for motorists."

"If the roads are slick or icy - slow down," McKito said. "It may take you longer to get there but in the end you will get there."

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