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Consider This...Farm bill less about farmers

I am pleased to see congress is finally passing a farm bill after a two-year standoff among its members.

The good news is the $100 billion-a-year program will ensure hard working farmers will continue to get help when they have crop losses in an unpredictable weather environment.

There is also $570 million dollars in crop insurance, on top of subsidies, available to protect farmers who experience major losses.

But what is very disappointing is the fact that most of the money in the farm bill goes to America's food stamp program.

That's right, nearly 80% of the $100 billion dollars goes to people who qualify for food stamps.

Consider this:

I am not against helping helpless people feed their families. but using the American farmer to pass a bill that has very little to do with farming is just plain deceitful.

But what else would we expect from congress. At the least, they should change the name of it from the "Farm Bill" to the "Welfare Bill."

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