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Tech Police Changing Number of Officers at Football Game

Gate six has left a lasting impression in Tech senior Josh Pierce's mind. Texas Tech police arrested his roommate for public intoxication at the Nebraska game. "He had about four beers. He and some buddies were singled out and taken to the side and said they were getting arrested for a public intoxication," said Pierce.

Texas Tech police arrested a total 34 people at the Nebraska game and a Student Government Association is asking why those arrests are mostly coming from the student gate.

Gate six is where you can find a wall of police officers. In fact 27 officers were assigned to Gate Six at the Nebraska game. But this weekend it will change. Texas Tech Police Chief Ron Seascrist says he will move ten officers from Gate Six to other gates. But he says gate six will still have the most police presence, only because it is the gate with the highest amount of traffic.

Some students still fear police will continue to single out students. Even some students like Josh, are passing on the game and watching it at home. "I'm thinking twice about going to the game because this UT game is going to be a huge game. If I have a couple of beers, tailgating is what this is all about, I don't want to risk going to jail," said Josh.

Gate one will have seven.
Gate two will have two.
Gate three will have seven.
Gate four will have seven.
Gate five will have five.
Gate six, the student gate, there will be 17 officers there.

Also, we want to remind you that safe ride will provide students a safe ride home at no charge. That number is (806) 742-RIDE (7433).

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