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Post wreck survivor says 'God was looking out for me'


Kevin Trauger and his co-worker were driving south on Highway 84 yesterday. A few miles after leaving Slaton they saw a box truck spin on the icy roads and roll. They decided to pull over to the side and help the driver. That's when the unthinkable began.

"We got him out of the truck and seconds later we looked up and there was this truck coming at all of us," said Trauger. "He hit the little box truck first and then he went on to hit the rest of us. It spun the truck a 45 degree angle and the rest of us didn't really stand a chance."

Trauger was in a position he never imagined, on an icy highway with a semi truck moments away from crashing into him and time at a stand-still.

"Your mind is focusing on your loved ones. It makes everything else seem unimportant at that point," he said.

A few seconds later he was taken on a death defying ride.

"I turned to run and I know I got hit by the bumper of the semi and somehow held on and just took the ride for between 40 and 60 feet," he said. "The two guys that were besides me one guy's in serious condition and the other one never made it."

When the truck came to a stop he stood up and hugged his co-worker, "Just to know that we're alive."

He says the only injuries he has are a large knot on his back and a few cuts and bruises on his arms and legs and he knows he is lucky to be alive.

"I don't know why I was spared but I know that God was looking out for me that day, that's for sure because there's no way I should be able to walk away from that."

Trauger says he has been given a second chance in life and he plans to live this new chapter to its fullest.

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