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3D printer creating unique learning experience at local school


The technology of 3D animation is very popular in local movie theaters. However, a new state of the art 3D technology is finding its way into schools, including here in Lubbock. For students at Christ the King Cathedral School a 3D printer is paving the way for a unique learning experience.

CTK Principal, Christine Wanjura, says their new 3D printer is taking science and art projects to a whole new level.

"The printer came in January and for the last 3 weeks we've had all kinds of projects," Wanjura said.

Calling it a printer is a bit misleading. The machine can actually make and create objects. It's able to make anything from small balls or screws to prosthetic hands.

"The plastic used in these 3D printers is relatively inexpensive and you can make, to scale, models of virtually anything," Wanjura said.

Using a program called Google Sketchup, students design a three dimensional object and then program the 3D printer to replicate the object to scale. The state of the art technology is getting a lot of attention in the medical field and now students, like senior Sarah Huey, get the chance to use it.

"We can do anything from using it for math purposes or science purposes," Huey said.

The money for the 3D printer came form a generous private donor who saw the potential to invest in the students at Christ the King.

"When you put your imagination to work anything is possible, and so you can use a 3D printer for anything from Science to art. So, it's not just an artistic principle. You can use it for many different means of education," Huey said.

For more information about Christ the King Cathedral School, visit: http://www.ctkcathedralschool.org/

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