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Mayor Gets Lake Alan Henry Land Developers to Concede

The boat dock in Northridge at Lake Alan Henry; gone. The gazeebo on the lake's easement will be gone by Tuesday. Now, Lubbock Mayor Marc McDougal says the air is clear to discuss how the city council feels about reconsidering certain restrictions surrounding the city's memorandum of agreement at the lake.  "There are some walkways that have been built down there. The M.O.A needs to be, we all need to get together and determine what some of that means. Does that mean you can't have a walkway down to the water's edge? What does some of that mean? To this point, there hasn't been any discussion," said Mayor McDougal.

The 18-year-old M.O.A. says no one can build water wells, septic systems, cesspools, barns, sheds, places of habitation, and boat docks within 300 feet of the water. But it will allow someone to build boat ramps. Developers have built ramps for the neighborhood to use. Which brings up another concern McDougal would like to discuss with the city council. "If you're going to allow access to put a boat in the water, would you not allow them to have some type of dock that complies with the Texas Commission on Environmental Equality regulations?"

Mayor McDougal says even though he has agreed to discuss a few of these issues, it does not guarantee the city council will agree. In fact, councilmen Gary Boren and Tom Martin have said all along they are completely against anything being built within 300 feet of the water.

NewsChannel 11 also contacted Northridge developer, Clyde Kitten, he did not want to comment and says he's letting the mayor handle the media.

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