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Texas Tech Tailgaters Show True Colors... Red & Black!!!

If the dedication and enthusiasm of Texas Tech tailgaters could be the determining factors, Texas Tech would steamroll the Longhorns this weekend. David Moore and his friends came from all the way from Lufkin, Texas. They Drove 500 miles and they come for every home game. When you ask Steve Hodges, a Texas Tech tailgater and Football dad if the rain is dampening his spirits, he says, "Absolutely not. No. You go with the flow, don't sweat the small stuff."

David Moore says,"No, it sure won't. We're ready for the game tomorrow." George Kirkland says, "If it doesn't put out the fire, we can handle it. If the food's good we're happy." Nathan Hand says, "We can handle it. This is fine."

Gilbert Prado says, "They're full of water. Those things ain't no tellin' what they weigh." He's talking about the barrel of water that slammed into his friends RV after wind blew it there! Prado says, "He (my friend) was right there in the seat when it hit, so he was tearin' the seat up trying to get out of it." But when asked if it'll get his spirits down, Prado says, "Oh no, we'll be here. We'll stick it out."

Andrew Swofford skipped class Friday to tailgate and ran into a catch when he showed up. He says, "We had a little trouble this morning. They were threatening to tow us and all that good stuff, but they wrote us a ticket and told us to stay here."

Steve Hodges started tailgating when his boys started at Tech three years ago. He says, "We haven't missed a home game." Steve's son, Cody Hodges is Tech's back-up quarterback. He says, "Everybody is hungry and ready to play Texas, and hungry to eat and to go out tomorrow and play! You know when you can get English professors talking about the Texas game, you know something is going right."

Cody's friend, George Kirkland know there's just one thing left to say, "Go Tech, go get 'em." and Cody's dad knows, "We'll kick butt."

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