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SPC Tackles the Race for District 19

"We're waiting for Stenholm, he should be here in just a few minutes," said South Plains College sophomore Ruth Bradley. She's taking on the big dogs.

"Are you ready for this?" she asked Rep. Randy Neugebauer. "Ready," he said. She's producing a half hour special on the race for the 19th district. "This project has made me decide to minor in political science," she said.

"Well, its really for the kids," said professor John Sparks. He's the guiding hand behind the scenes. "They want to be fair, objective, and put their personal opinions on the shelf and really act like good responsible journalists," he said.

A project this big requires a solid team. Devin Goettsch is on camera. "Make sure it's a good looking composed shot.," he said. Nice composure, just in case the candidates lose theirs. Ruth Bradley doesn't throw softballs. "Did you drill Neugebauer?" NewsChannel 11 asked. "A little bit," she smiled. "Mostly on his experience," she said. "It's about being effective. Not how long, how effective you are," responded Neugebauer. Nicely thrown, nicely caught.

But what did Ruth have in store for Stenholm? "Probably the toughest question is who is he supporting for president?" she said. Ooh, that is a juicy one. Devin was set on camera, Stenholm in the cross hairs. "Which candidate do you support?" she asked. "The only person I endorsed was General Wesley Clark," he responded.

Ruth Bradley and associates - learning about politics and journalism, and teaching adults at the same time. A temporary reprieve from the land of negativity, with a visit to the world of issues and civility.

If you would like to watch the program it will air Thursday, October 28th, at 6:30 p.m. on SPC-TV cable channel 10, viewable in Levelland, Morton, and Littlefield.

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