Treating Addiction: what an expert at Dove Tree believes

It's not uncommon to hear about celebrities turning themselves into rehab. But you don't have to be a celebrity to need that kind of help.

Dr. Kitty Harris is the Executive Director of the Ranch at Dove Tree, a rehab center here in Lubbock. She says most people don't understand what it means to go into rehab.

"People have this image of what rehab is, it's lock-up, it's a horrible experience and all that, and it's not, it's just like going someplace and saying 'I need help' and people are going to help you."

Dr. Harris also says they have a collegiate program and a more traditional program for adults.

If you'd like to learn more about rehab and recovery at the Ranch at Dove Tree, call 746-6777. There is also a hotline number, 800-746-6777.

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