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First Bank and Trust advises customers to be safe after robbery

Pictured: Barry Orr, First Bank and Trust CEO Pictured: Barry Orr, First Bank and Trust CEO

Police investigated a bank robbery at the First Bank and Trust on 74th and Indiana on Wednesday after police say a suspect robbed a man at gun point for his deposit bag.

The call came in at 2 a.m. Police say the suspect was located a few minutes later in the alley at 3500 78th St. and gave chase for one block before he was arrested.

Now, First Bank and Trust is thanking the police for their actions. The bank's CEO, Barry Orr, said he is glad for the skill and quality of the police force.

"It gives you a great state of safe-keeping in this city," he said.

Orr said that First Bank and Trust hasn't had to deal with many robberies thanks to the security precautions that are in place to prevent them.

"There are so many silent alarms and different practices that are in place and it's really tough," Orr said. "My biggest relief was that the customer was safe and there had been no harm done to the customer."

First Bank and Trust advises customers who make large deposits to do it during normal business hours.

"If you have a restaurant business or business that's open late in the evening," he said, " the best practices are to have a safe in the store, put your cash receipts in the safe over night and make that drop early the next morning. You've always got to be aware of your surroundings - and I understand somehow this particular robber had hidden himself somehow - but if you're not looking, they could be standing right there."

Orr said if you must make a deposit during the early hours, think about changing the routine.

"Use different branches," he said. "Change your times up, don't do it at the same time each day or each night. Have a different vehicle change the routine so that no one knows exactly when you will be there."

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