Car safety: How winter coats could put your child in danger

There is a new warning out advising parents that in a serious car accident, your child's coat could make the difference between an injury or not.

According to Erica Surman, a nurse and child passenger safety expert, heavy car coats can get in the way of safety.

"Bulky coats or snowsuits are not advised in the car seat," Surman says. "The reason is you want to get the car seat straps as tight as possible, to the child, so that it keeps them secure in the car."

She adds most parents are unaware of the "no coats" rule, but she says you'll find it written in the manual for most car seats.

Experts say it might seem tight with a heavy coat, but in a crash, a puffy winter coat will compress, making the car seat straps far too loose. As a result, your child could suffer serious injuries, or even be ejected from the seat.

Surman suggests covering them with their coat or a blanket after buckling them in, and keep their hats and gloves on.

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