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Tech-UT Matchup Means Big Bucks for Local Businesses

Win or lose, and although it was a loss, the Lubbock economy still came out on top. It's the biggest weekend for many of the shops and eateries surrounding Texas Tech. For those businesses, red and black plus orange and white equal lots of green.

Raiders Fall to Horns 51-21
Vince Young had a career-high 300 yards of total offense, ran for four touchdowns and threw for another to lead No. 8 Texas over Texas Tech 51-21 on Saturday night.

"The hotels around here in Lubbock are sold out. We kind of sell out like six months in advance," says Ronnie Sangester, Lubbock Inn

There's not an empty room in the house at the Lubbock Inn this weekend. That's because it sold out almost a year ago.

"We have like 115 rooms, and so, probably 80 or 90 of those rooms are people that are here for the game," says Sangester.

You can go to Las Vegas with a Texas Tech t-shirt on and they know you. That's why the staff is suited out in red and black.

"Supporting the team, supporting the Red Raiders," says Kevin Aaron, Spirit Shop.

It's no secret where these out-of-towners can purchase this gear.

"This is our biggest weekend. This makes us or breaks us for the year," says Aaron.

The Spirit Shop prepares for this crowd weeks in advance -- stocking it up and then sending it out.

"We can hardly move inside the store, but we encourage fans to keep on coming in," says Aaron.

Tech officials estimate more than 6,000 are visiting from the Austin area, not to mention Tech alumni from across the nation.

"He's a Tech fan even though we live in Florida," says Byron Wright, TTU alum.

This Tech alum is proud to bring his son and his business to Lubbock.

"My son is a freshman in high school and I wanted him to come out and get the Tech feel of the football game and the excitement, so that's why we're here," says Wright.

Making it his business to make a Red Raider out of his son by the end of the day.

"But his mother's a gator, so I'm not sure how that's going to work," says Wright.

But he's confident his son will cash a little green gator for a Red Raider.

Many hotels sale out as soon as the announcement is made as to when Texas will be in town. And although the sales aren't quite as high, the results are similar when Texas A&M is playing at the Jones.

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