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Consider This...Investigating local government is worth the commitment

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The six-month long, two-part investigation uncovered major issues with a tax-funded organization - issues including allegations of deception, conflicts of interest and questionable expenses, all funded by the citizens.

The reports also revealed that Lubbock City Councilwoman Karen Gibson was misled with false information into voting for a quarter of million in tax dollars to fund the organization.

Here are the two reports:

Consider this:

I am proud of our new investigative partnership that is already making a difference. These are the kinds of stories you can expect only from KCBD NewsChannel 11 because no one else is doing it.

To do it right takes time, effort, and lots of resources, but we've committed to that because we know it is important to you, our viewers. After all, you deserve to know what you are paying for.

So KCBD will continue to shine the light in dark places run by our local government.

So stay tuned and thanks for watching.

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'Consider This' is a commentary by KCBD Vice-President and General Manager Dan Jackson.

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