Researchers now saying risk of stroke might continue after delivering your child

Scientists have known that pregnant women have an increased risk for stroke, But here's what's new after studying more than a million new mothers.

Researchers at Cornell Medical College have found that risk continues until the baby is three months old. The odds are one in 100 after giving birth that a blood clot will trigger a stroke. That may not sound like a lot, but researchers say that's 10 times higher than normal in the first six weeks after delivery and twice as high a risk during the first seven to 12 weeks.

So, if there's a new baby in your house, just encourage the mom to watch for symptoms of a blood clot, which would include chest pain or pressure, difficulty breathing, swelling or pain in one leg, sudden severe headache, sudden loss of speech, vision, balance or strength on one side of the body.

All of these symptoms are good reasons to seek medical attention.

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