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Voter Turn Out On Texas Tech Campus Could Change The Way Students Vote

One group that's worked hard all year long to register voters is the Texas Tech Student Government Association (SGA). On Monday, election officials opened a temporary voting location at the student recreation center. This election is a top priority for SGA officials.

"Our city kind of considers the students to be in that group that doesn't vote that just comes here, goes to school and then leaves," explains TTU Student Voter Michael Strook. That's why voting in this election has become top priority on the Texas Tech campus.

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With almost 9,000 registered student voters, SGA's Anne Hunninghake says turnout will be crucial. "Hopefully the candidates will see that those are student's concerns and with so much of a student population being represented in the elections hopefully the candidates will realize that," she says.

To make it easier on students, SGA has sponsored a trolly to give them a ride to and from the polling location. And for some students this is a first."It's the first time I ever voted. I think if students vote more and more they will take us more seriously," says student Haley Burks.

"We would like to encourage students on campus to vote so that we can have a general idea of how many students are actually voting and use that to promote to the city that students are getting out there," adds Hunninghake. So it will be up to students to make an impact by getting to the polls and making their voice heard across the country and in Lubbock.

The early voting location at Texas Tech will be open through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Early voting across the city ends this Friday.

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