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Board of Health chairman has a plan to fight synthetic drugs


The Lubbock Board of Health meets Friday at the Civic Center and they plan to take new action in the fight against synthetic drugs.

"We want to keep it in front of the community because this truly is a menace," said Lubbock Board of Health Chairman Brian Carr, Ph.D. "Although it's very difficult to come at it from a law enforcement angle, I do think we need to get the public aware and help them to be enlightened.

To achieve that goal, Carr says he will propose a two-step plan.

"I'm going to investigate with some community groups... Let's start posting the identities of the owners of these smoke shops. Let's start posting the addresses of these smoke shops so that people know what scourge lives in their neighborhood," Carr said.

"Second thing is - I would like to turn it over to the youth of Lubbock to do some good public service announcements. So I'm going to be putting together a group and offering a cash prize for the best videos detailing the menace of these drugs in our society. We want to make them a part of the vanguard that's going to deal with this issue... If we can save it to begin with it's much better than trying to deal with it after it's happened."

Carr expects the mother of a synthetic drug user to speak at the beginning of the meeting on Friday, providing her story of how her son's life has been destroyed by synthetic drugs he purchased locally.

"They package these things under not for human consumption with a nod and a wink, but everybody knows what they're being used for and I think we just need to stop that facade," Carr said.

"It's just very damaging because it's hard to treat a person when you don't know what's in their system. The lingering effect of these drugs in terms of both some residual brain damage and some serious brain damage. This is affecting your kids and this is affecting your community.

Carr wants kids and parents, "Not to be silent about it."

Carr says the goal will be for the community to come together and try to put an end to this dangerous drug.

"You have to deal with the fact that it's difficult to outlaw these substances. I do think as a community we can come together and do our part to at least say we're not going to stand for this even though it's legal. Something needs to be done even if it's for the community to sanction or shun these people that sell these terrible drugs," he said.

"As we band together we can make a difference. This isn't somebody else's problem, it's not the government's problem, it's our problem so I'm hoping that by calling on the good citizens of Lubbock to address this issue that we can really knock one out of the park."

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