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Food for Thought 2/20


From Hawaiian BBQ to authentic Mexican food, we have a buffet of choices on the Food for Thought menu this week.

But as KCBD NewsChannel 11's Christy Hartin tells us, it's not all good news.

We begin with the good news.

Here's a look at this week's top performers:

  • Aloha BBQ Grill at 9810 Indiana
  • Alternative Food Co. At 2611 Boston
  • Dairy Queen at 7813 Slide
  • El Paisano Mexican Restaurant at 1301 50th
  • Pizza Hut at 3311 82nd
  • Sam Burger's at 4447 34th
  • Wing Stop at 5510 4th
  • Olivia's at 4250 Ave. A

Andrew Barboza takes a lot of pride in his restaurant. He owns Olivia's.

Andrew says they spend just about as much time cleaning as they do preparing great-tasting Mexican food.

"I'm very proud. I'm proud of my waitress (who tries) to keep it clean. All the time, she's sweeping. She stays with that broom all the time, she's dancing with the broom," Barboza said.

"It feels great. I spend a lot of hours on this place trying to keep it clean, doing the right thing, doing what it takes to be a top performers."

Now to the bottom of the list.

Health inspectors found seven critical violations at Genghis Grill at 6201 Slide Road.

  • Cooked noodles were above the safe cold temperature of 41 degrees.
  • Ham and noodles did not have a date mark.
  • Employees did not wash their hands before putting on gloves.
  • Gloves were in a hand sink. Those sinks are for hand washing only to prevent cross contamination.
  • There were no paper towels at the sink.
  • The dishwasher was sanitizing at toxic levels.
  • Dirty bowls, trays, food containers and knives were with clean items.

The report shows all violations were corrected during the inspection.

The general manager tells us, "The manager in charge that day has attended a serve safe food certification course to ensure this does not happen again! We are striving for operational excellence and will easily pass the next due inspection."

Click here to read the full report for this week.

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