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Consider This...Viewers want answers from tax-funded corp

I have received lots of feedback about an editorial from early this week.

I was basically calling on citizens to weigh in about a tax-funded corporation that wants to keep its financial records secret from the public.

The North and East Lubbock Development Corporation, responding to a media request for financial records, appealed to the attorney general claiming they are not subject to open records laws.

The attorney general is set to make a ruling on that by the end of the month.

I also pointed out that the law firm working to keep the records private is the same firm that employs a city council person who actually voted to give the organization tax dollars, and voted to allow a city employee to sign their expense checks.

It's all shocking and can get a little confusing.

Meanwhile, you had lots to say about it.

Consider this:

Alton e-mailed and said "…I have lived in…Lubbock since 1956....I cannot understand the law firm of one of our council members even handling any work for the city or an organization connected to the city."

Another viewer wrote in and said: "Any time taxpayer money is being distributed to an organization/corporation, the people of Lubbock, who paid those taxes with their hard-earned money, deserve to see where their money is going... We elect people we can trust…and the fact that records are being purposefully withheld is a red flag that something shady is going on."

And finally Diana commented on our Facebook page: "For sure (they) should be public knowledge. If they don't want it to be, more than likely they have something to hide."

Thank you for your feedback. Our investigative team will keep you posted on this story.

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