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Quadruple Murder at Northeast Lubbock Apartments

Lubbock PD Lubbock PD
Lubbock PD Lubbock PD

"What we have is a bloody crime scene," said LPD Lt. Victor Quintana.

Police were called just before 8 a.m. Monday morning. Within the hour, there was a swarm of detectives, up to 25 officers, and EMS with no one to help. "There appears to have been a struggle," said Quintana. The victims were 11-year-old Mahogany Jasmine Allen, 9-year-old twins Kadiece and Kasheim Allen and their mother, 45-year-old Tammy Cooper.

Gandy's Offers $10,000 Reward in Monday's Quadruple Homicide
Read the press release on the $10,000 reward being offered in the northeast Lubbock homicide case.

Inside apartment 4104 a mother and her three children were murdered. "It's a very brutal and violent crime, a lot of blood," said Lubbock Police Chief Claude Jones. The victims were found throughout the apartment. In the living room, the kitchen, and bedroom. So viscously attacked, authorities won't speculate on the type of weapon until autopsy results are completed.

"I always talked to her about the Lord," said Geneva Hawkins, Tammy Cooper's aunt. In her purse, there's a picture of the children with Santa clause. "How do I deal with it?" she asked. "I have the strength that God has given me," she said.

Police believe the killer or killers were known to the family, partly because there was no forced entry, and partly for reasons authorities won't disclose. "We just don't believe that it's a stranger type situation," said Jones.

Geneva says her niece was at some point married, but she has since been a single mother who kept quite about her social life. "She never talked about no boyfriends," she said.

Evidence gathering continued throughout the day into the evening, searching for answers to a quadruple homicide. "The only people that know is God and them, and they're dead, and they can't talk, only God knows," said Hawkins.

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