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Man in SWAT standoff had violent reaction to oil rig noise


A man is now facing charges after an overnight standoff with Lubbock SWAT officers.

Hockley County Sheriff's Office confirmed that Renary Rodriquez fired shots at an oil rig near his home, where people were working.

The sheriff's office said Rodriquez fired the shots because he was angry about the loud noises coming from the rig.

The SWAT team was called to his trailer home in Hockley County, far west of Lubbock at Filly Road and Owl Road around midnight.

Officers surrounded the trailer, EMS was put on standby and a DPS helicopter was called to circle over the area.

The darkness and uncertain conditions created a difficult situation for law enforcement, who initially could not find any information about the occupants inside.

The officers stayed in position until 2 a.m., when Rodriquez came out of the trailer and acted as though he was about to surrender.

He came out with his hands up, but after a moment, turned around and went back inside.

There were some tense moments when the man came back and officers thought he might have a weapon on his right hip.

But the incident ended peacefully, and Rodriquez was taken into custody at 2:11 a.m.

A 2:15 a.m., an officer was heard on the police radio saying, "Good job, guys. Let's head back to the big city."

Rodriguez faces seven criminal charges, amounting to $10,000 bond.

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