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Kliff Kingsbury takes exception to recently proposed 'Saban rule'

TTU Head Football Coach Kliff Kingsbury TTU Head Football Coach Kliff Kingsbury

Red Raiders head football coach Kliff Kingsbury has taken exception to Alabama head coach Nick Saban's recent proposal to the NCAA.

A recently proposed rule change, nicknamed "the Saban rule," would require college football offenses to wait at least 10 seconds before snapping the ball. Saban, along with other proponents of the rule change, believe that player safety is at stake, while the other side, including Kingsbury, argues that a rule change would be unfair to hurry-up offenses.

Kingsbury doesn't see the connection to player safety being at risk with up-tempo style football. When asked about Saban's belief that player safety is compromised with fast play, Kingsbury insinuated that the Crimson Tide head man may have ulterior motives.

"The last three losses he's had have been against up-tempo teams. I'll leave it at that," Kingsbury said on the Outside The Lines podcast.

"I was surprised that it got this far to be honest," Kingsbury said. "And to put it under the guise of player safety when there is no empirical data to back anything even close to that. I don't know how you can found a rule on just hearsay basically."

Alabama's last three losses have come to Oklahoma and Auburn this past season, and Texas A&M in 2012 while Kingsbury was the offensive coordinator.

The official vote on the rule will take place on March 6 by the Playing Rules Oversight Panel.

Which side are you on?

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