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LISD police reveal high cost of bomb threats


Police searched the halls of Coronado High School Monday morning, responding to a bomb threat that turned out to be a hoax.

The school called parents to let them know there was no danger, and a thorough investigation began to find the person or persons responsible.

"We hope that people are talking about it and parents or a responsible adult may overhear who's responsible. We'd like them to report that to us so that we can get this to a conclusion," said LISD Police Chief Jody Scifres.

Calling in a bomb threat carries a state jail felony punishment.

"They're looking not only at criminal punishment but also school discipline as well," Scifres said. "The criminal is false report which is a state jail felony since it's called into a secondary school. That carries a minimum of 180 days confinement with a maximum of two years."

Whoever is responsible also faces a fine of up to $10,000. If it's a student they will have to go to an alternative education program for 30 days away from their campus.

"It's a moral turpitude crime. Making a false report is basically lying and it affects your opportunities later on in life to go to higher education or employment," Scifres said.

It also disrupts the city.

"Coronado is our largest school. They have over 2,200 students and that affects a lot of families in town," he said. "You also have emergency responders that are there trying to monitor the situation and keep it as safe as possible. They could be actually doing other things that are more preventative and be on real emergencies. They have to get there as well which causes danger to the community when we have to get somewhere in a quick manner."

Scifres doesn't have an exact timetable for when they expect to catch the person or persons responsible, but he hopes it will be soon.

"At school it's a tight community of students and usually we get cooperation pretty quickly," he said.

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