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Traffic cameras could generate $18 mil for Lubbock County A KCBD/Sandstorm scholar investigation


Traffic cameras have watched Lubbock streets before, but within six months, they were gone.

That was five years ago, but the option may be back on the table. This time, it could be speeding cameras throughout Lubbock County.

Recently, Lubbock County was approached by American Traffic Solutions about installing speeding cameras in the county's school zones. That's the same company that put up Lubbock's controversial red light cameras in 2008.

But before the option is even considered, Precinct One commissioner Bill McCay tells us they're weighing every option.

"If there's something broken that needs to be fixed, then great, if its something that's not broken, then why try to fix it," McCay said.

McCay believes the first step is meeting with each district to decide if this is needed.

"We need to know and understand what each particular school district situation is," McCay said.

According to American Traffic Solutions, these cameras would come at no cost to the county. It could actually mean nearly $18 million in revenue for Lubbock County after they split ticket revenue with the company 50/50.

"It's too early to tell. I don't know. It's not about revenue, it's about public safety," Precinct Two commissioner Mark Heinrich said.

While Heinrich says it's supposed to be about safety, his opponent in the Republican Primary has questions.

"What are the motives are behind this? Whether it's really about safety, or if it's about profit for this company," John David Bruegel said.

But for now, McCay says any decision is a long way off.

"It may be great, but we're a long ways from that," McCay said.

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