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Consider This...Military cuts will hurt our nation

If you subscribe to the idea of the "hierarchy of needs" theory, you know that after breathing, eating, and sleeping comes personal safety.

That basic idea can be applied to decisions made by our government. We obviously know that before we can have programs like Social Security and welfare, we must be able to defend ourselves. We must be a safe, secured nation. That's where the military comes in.

So consider this:

It makes no sense to me that our federal government is prioritizing our tax dollars toward failing programs like health care reform, while at the same time cutting 20% of our military forces.

In case you haven't heard, the administration is planning to cut troop levels to the lowest they've been since before World War II. Some 90,000 troops and many successful weapons programs are on the chopping block.

These cuts will hurt our ability to defend ourselves as a nation, not eliminate wasteful bureaucratic spending.

Our government needs a major lesson in basic human needs and a reminder of their biggest role.

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