Teen dating abuse in the digital age

According to the Rape Crisis Center here in Lubbock, one in three teens experiences some kind of abuse in a romantic relationship. And in this day and age, there is one more thing to worry about…digital dating abuse.

"It kind of is the silence before the storm, in the sense that a boyfriend or a girlfriend can say, 'hey, can I have your password?' well there's no reason to share your password, it opens up a pathway of jealousy, control, and abuse," says Lauren Sullivan, president of the board of the Rape Crisis Center.

Lauren adds that a red flag for an unhealthy relationship would be controlling behavior, someone who is jealous of everything the other person does, or eager to isolate them from family and friends.

If you think are facing abuse or would like to know more about the signs. Here's a number to put in your phone. It's a national help line you can call, and remain anonymous.

The number is 866-331-9474.

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