Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right

There is surprising news tonight in the ongoing fight against obesity in this country.

Researchers tracked two to five year-olds, and found the obesity rate went from 14% in 2003, to 8% in 2012. That's a stunning 43% decline in obesity.

Experts say it appears obesity prevention programs are working, and the trick is to start healthy habits before kindergarten.

"Kids do not grow out of their baby fat anymore. That just doesn't happen cause of the super sized portions and the unhealthy foods that we're eating. They don't grow out of that fat anymore. So we need to treat them as soon as possible," says Dr. Joanna Dolgoff, with Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right.

Researchers say it's encouraging, but little ones are just a little portion of the overall population, and among all the big people, the obesity challenge has not changed.

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