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Texas Tech sets two attendance records at Tuesday night game


Tuesday's game between Kansas State and Texas Tech was the 10,000-student challenge. After every student was seated and numbers were counted a record was broken, just not the one Tech was hoping for.

6,086 students showed up, a new school record and a Big 12 record. Indiana University still holds the national record with 7,800 students.

TTU attracted the crowd with a day full of activities for the fans. The smell of tailgate barbecue filled the air, inspiring thoughts of the Jones AT&T stadium on a Saturday in the fall.

"They had this idea to get 10,000 students and wanted to cook 10,000 hot dogs, so of course I said yeah, we're on board for sure," said Chet Pharies. Chet is the owner of Carpet Tech and was manning the grill of their tailgate buffet, breaking a few records of his own.

"It was a beating. This was one of the hardest things we've done and we do this often. We cook for a lot of people, but I've never cooked 5,000 hot dogs before," he said.

For roommates Holly and Emory it was important to be a part of history.

"It's a big deal to me to be into school spirit so we're just out here to support our team," Holly said.

"We've had so many big upsets already. We're hoping for another one so we want to come support them," Emory said.

In between cheers and rumbles coming from the stands, scholarships were awarded and students took their turns from half court.

"This season is definitely a lot different. I've been to quite a few basketball games throughout the three years and this season's definitely been turned up," said Junior Michael Koehler. "Obviously in West Texas it's hard to get a bunch of kids out here, but it's pretty cool getting 5,000 up to 6,000 kids out here. I think Tubby is doing a great job turning this program around."

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