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Aggressive Behavior Forces Officer to Shoot Lubbock Man

On Monday night police responded to a 9-1-1 call that Pablo Ponciano was threatening to kill his neighbor at Acacia Mobile Home Park in North Lubbock where the shooting happened. Officer Kyle King followed Ponciano into his trailer around 8 p.m. That's when police say Ponciano came at officer King with two knives in one hand and one knife in the other. Officers are trained to use their discretion in dangerous scenarios, in this case, officer King fired three times at Ponciano, hitting him twice.

When family members got the news police had shot and killed Ponciano, their heartbreak was gut wrenching. Police Chief Claude Jones says, "He refused to drop the knife and advanced on the officer. The officer again told him to drop the knife and the officer fired." Fabio Garcia, a neighbor, heard the shots. He says, "They killed him and they made 'boom boom boom' and he was... and that's all."

One day after the shooting, physical signs of the catastrophe are limited mostly to a dumpster outside Pablo Ponciano's trailer. It contains a mess of police tape and rubber gloves, but an emotional mark has been left for those who live at Acacia. Maggie Garcia says, "It's scary. I got scared. I got kids." Marion Bowden say, "It's a sad deal, especially for the mother." Bowden lives at Acacia just a few trailers down from Ponciano. He and Pablo used to be friends. Marion says, "He seemed like a nice guy to me. I don't know what that deal last night was."

Officer King has been on the force about a year and a half. He is on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure. Police are conducting a separate internal investigation into the shooting.

Family members say Ponciano had paranoid schizophrenia. Ponciano had been in jail previously, in 1999, for not having proper identification.

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