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Looking at the Laws of Electioneering

With all of the people turning out to early vote, candidates and those supporting them are trying to take advantage of last minute campaigning. But it's important to remember that the campaigning can't cross the line into Electioneering.

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At every early voting location across the city, signs are posted marking barriers for the media and for those supporting a certain candidate. That means any person wearing candidate paraphernalia or carrying political signs can't cross the line or it is considered Electioneering. So far this year it hasn't been a big problem, but according to the District Attorney's office a few people have been spotted crossing the line at the South Plains Mall.

"It is a class C offense for anyone to electioneer within 100 feet of a polling place, or from the entrance of that polling place or inside the structure where the polling is occurring," says District Attorney Bill Sowder.

So if you come to vote and you happen to be wearing a candidate's t-shirt, you will be asked to put a jacket on covering the shirt or turn it inside out. The punishment for a class C misdemeanor is a fine up to $500.

But the bigger problem might be if Electioneering becomes a problem the City might have to cut back on early voting locations.

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