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The Clorox Bleach Pen: Does It Work?

Tired of dirty grout? How about stains you just can not get out! Clorox may have your solution in a little pen called the Bleach Pen.

Allie Escalante is our expert. She has worked for Merry Maids at least two years. "We see a lot of dirty things," she said.

Allie says she knows about the Bleach Pen. Her friend has one and likes it. But how about a little proof?

Allie had four places we could test the pen. She pointed out the drain on the sink looked dirty. "This looks like coffee stains from pouring coffee down the drain," she said. "Also this grout on the tile. We will see if those stains will come out." We also had a T-shirt with a ketchup stain, and caulking that was dirty around the rim of the sink.

The Bleach Pen has two sides to it; a scrub tip and a fine tip. Allie used the fine tip to apply the Bleach Gel to the dirty grout. We let it set for a couple of minutes. Allie then applied the bleach to the drain. While we waited for the gel to work, Allie took a sniff to see if this pen had a strong odor. "It's bleach but not strong like you were to pour it out of the bottle," she noticed.

Allie started in the caulking. Then the ketchup-stained t-shirt. It took only a couple of minutes to see results. After rinsing the ketchup stain, a white spot appeared. It worked there. We could see a remarkable difference in the tile. The drain? Those stains disappeared! Finally, the caulking. Most of the dirt and grime was removed.

Allie says her friend was right. She likes the Bleach Pen because it's handy. The Clorox Bleach Pen works!

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