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Severe Weather Preparedness Week promoting storm education


Severe weather can happen any time and anywhere.

The deadly tornadoes that devastated portions of Oklahoma last May are a dark reminder. The tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma are estimated to have cost at least $2 billion in property damage.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Jody James says a situation like that could easily happen here on the South Plains.

"We are in tornado alley here in West Texas. We're on the edge of it, but certainly what happened in Tuscaloosa, Joplin and Moore Oklahoma last year can certainly happen right here in West Texas, and it has in the past," James said.

According to James, the South Plains averages about 18 to 20 tornadoes a year. However, tornadoes are not the only severe weather threat our area faces.

"Tornadoes, lightning, hail, damaging winds, and an extra category here in West Texas, blowing dust. Which we do sometimes see with severe thunderstorms," James said.

This week is National Severe Weather Preparedness Week. Experts say it's important to always be prepared for severe weather, rain or shine.

"It's a time of the year to remind everyone to review their safety rules and get prepared for the inevitable severe weather season that heads our way every spring and every summer," James said.

For information on how to be prepared and how to make a safety kit, visit:

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