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Grandmother Speaks Out After Quadruple Murder

"I knocked on the door first, I knocked on the door," said Fred Johnson. He has gotten very little sleep since Monday. "I think about it each and every day, all day," he said.

A long time family friend of Tammy Cooper and her children, he discovered a murder scene Monday morning. "I went back around, I knocked a little harder and the door came open. I looked in the room I saw Jasmine laying on the floor in a puddle of blood, and I don't know which of the twins, but he was laying on the couch with a pillow over his face," he said.

He fled the scene in shock, not even aware that there were two other murder victims in the house. "It hurt to see children laying on the floor, dead like that," he said. After calling the police and learning the full horror, he called Tammy's mother, the children's grandmother.

"Whoever it is, they are monsters!" said 74-year-old May Cooper. She lives in Dallas. "Her mother asked me what happened to her daughter," said Johnson. "He was crying when I talked to him," said Cooper. "And I had to tell her, I told her the truth," said Johnson. "He just told me, 'Momma, they're all dead,'"said Cooper.

Mary had last spoken to her daughter Sunday night. Tammy, she says, was in good spirits - no hint of trouble.

As the crime scene tape was removed Wednesday, the 74-year-old matriarch had a message for those responsible. "Tell 'em that they took a mother's family. And I wonder how would their mother feel if that happened to her. And that God is gonna punish them. They might not go to the police. The police might not catch 'em. But God's gonna take 'em and make 'em suffer," she said.

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