DVT awareness month: what you can do to protect yourself from blood clots

David Bloom, an NBC reporter, brought international attention to a condition that killed him suddenly as he was reporting on the war in Iraq.

It turned out he had deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, and the blood clot hiding in his leg, travelled to his lung and killed him. We know that immobility can be a factor for that. For him, it was a very long plane ride with no chance to get up and move around.

March is DVT awareness month. Dr. Sam Campbell, a vascular surgeon, says there is something we can do to prevent DVT, whether we're buckled up for a long trip, or just sitting for hours in the office.

"You can actually sort of dog paddle your feet, more your feet up and down, that will help use the calf muscle which acts as a secondary pump to help empty out the leg and kind of keeps the blood flowing through the vein and that helps the deep vein thrombosis."

Dr. Campbell says it's also a good idea to wear compression stockings. They look like knee-high hose or dress socks for men. You can get them at any medical supply.

But if you have any of these symptoms, sudden pain in the leg with swelling in the area, or maybe pain when you flex the foot upwards, then you should see a doctor immediately.

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