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Hale Center boy fighting the odds to help 5-year-old with rare heart condition

Tanner (left) and Xander (right) met in person last year Tanner (left) and Xander (right) met in person last year

A Hale Center boy is raising money to help a 5-year-old hundreds of miles away.

Doctors say the kindergartner in Wylie, Texas may not have much more time to live, but 10-year-old Tanner Timms is trying to change that.

Doctors say Xander's condition is one in a hundred million.

The odds may be against him, but Tanner is working hard to save his life.

5-year-old Xander Wade loves to dance and sing, but Xander isn't your average child.

He was born with six congenital heart defects, and has since developed a seventh.

By the time he turned 3, Xander had already undergone three open heart surgeries.

Doctors say he has a rare neurological disease that's constantly shutting his body down. He lives in chronic pain every day.

"Eight days old…when you're rocking him and he looks...I mean, eight pounds! He was perfect. He just looked perfect. And being told over and over how imperfect his little heart was," said Marsha Wade, Xander's mother.

Marsha says they take it day by day, but who would have known hope would come from a 10-year-old stranger half a state away?

"It just broke my heart. I knew I had to do something for this little boy," said Tanner Timms.

When Tanner learned about Xander in church, he started his mission...a mission to save his life.

"It's just in my heart," Tanner said.

With a little help from his dad and a Chevrolet, Tanner went door to door in his hometown of 2,000 people...raising $800.

Last year, he hand-delivered it. It was the first time they met face to face.

Home video and pictures captured that incredible day, complete with a Ninja Turtle showdown.

"To know that there are people that I have not gone personally to visit…to take a moment and they stop and they lift my son up...that is the greatest thing you can do," Marsha said.

But Tanner isn't done. He's taking his mission all the way to the top, starting with a letter to the American Heart Association.

In part it reads, "To whom this may concern, I am a fourth grader at Akin Elementary in Hale Center, Texas…I have a friend that is 5 years old and will not live much longer. I don't know what your money goes to but I feel my friend Xander Wade could use some of it...Signed Tanner Timms, a friend of Xander's. PS. God bless you because Xander has a rare heart condition that's killing him."

Seven congenital heart defects, three open heart surgeries, and two wishes.

A lifetime of happiness.

"I just hope he lives a healthy life," Tanner said.

And a world of prayers.

"Thank you for praying for me! I love you!" said Xander.

Marsha isn't asking for much, just prayers.

But Tanner has set up a love fund for Xander.

If you would like to help, just ask for "The Xander Wade Love Fund" at any Vista Bank location.

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