New cosmetic surgery...for your chest

Look what's becoming trendy in Los Angeles to help a person feel younger, when wrinkles in the chest give them away.

"In the past we could do wonders in rejuvenating the face and neck but we had a void because we had no procedure to improve the v neck area of the chest," says Dr. Henry George Brennan a cosmetic surgeon.

But here's what's new in Los Angeles. Dr Henry George Brenan says he's developed a technique he calls the chest lift. After numbing the area, Brennan makes several small incisions in the area of skin covered by a bra strap by pulling the skin tight and removing the excess tissue, Brennan can then remove many of the fine lines and wrinkles that bothered the patient.

Unfortunately, the chest lift is not covered by insurance. It can cost between five and $10,000 depending on the severity of the wrinkles and sun damage.

And while the risks are low, this is surgery and anesthesia always has the potential for complications.

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