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KCBD weather team recalls severe weather stories

In light of Severe Weather Awareness week, KCBD's own expert meteorologists take a look back at the most memorable severe weather moments on the South Plains.

Chief meteorologist John Robinson said he remembers one storm in particular that he and storm-chaser David Drummond were following east of Lubbock near Ralls in 2005.

"It just went from nothing to crazy, and two tornados down within about 30 minutes," Drummond said.

"At that point, your stomach starts to turn just a little bit," said forecaster Steve Divine, "and you start thinking about, 'This is a real town, this is a real tornado and there are real individuals and families there.'"

Thanks to the team's coverage, they know at least one person's life was saved.

"Relatives of a gentleman that lived in that area were able to actually notify the grandfather, and he was able to seek shelter," Robinson said.

Weatherman Cary Allen said that his most memorable severe weather moment dates back less than a year ago.

"Probably the most memorable would probably have been the Sundown tornado last year in 2013," Allen said.

In June of 2013, KCBD was on air when a tornado touched down near Sundown.

"That's the first time I ever had that type of situation before," Allen said, "where David Drummond at the same time was chasing, and we were on the air at the same moment, and we were able to capture a tornado as it was touching down on the ground."

But tornadoes aren't the only thing KCBD's meteorologists have to contend with. Haboobs, winds, rain and snow are all common on the South Plains.

"One of the sayings that I really like here is, ‘If you don't like the weather, just stick around for five minutes,'" Divine said.

It's a tough job trying to predict Mother Nature, but for the weather team at KCBD, it's a profession that's both thrilling and gratifying.

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