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New details released in extensive beef recall


The investigation into the extensive beef recall that has affected more than half of the nation, including Texas, continues.

Last week, KCBD NewsChannel 11 sent out a breaking news email when we learned that several of the United stores and a Target in Lubbock were on a distribution list. That list was provided by the USDA, meaning they sell beef that was recalled by Rancho Feeding Corporation.

KCBD reached out to United and Target management when the list was released; management at both stores said they were not affected by the recall.

KCBD wanted to figure out why, days later, these stores are still on the USDA's distribution list.

The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service confirms the recall did not occur at the production level, but rather at the source, meaning the meat subject to the recall was shipped to other establishments where it was further processed into smaller cuts or processed products, like frozen entrées.

So, in February, California's Rancho Feeding Corporation issued a voluntary recall of nearly nine million pounds of beef slaughtered at their plant including a recall of Nestle's Philly Steak and Cheese flavored Hot Pockets after it discovered a supplier had bought meat from Rancho Feeding Corporation.

At that time, federal inspectors could not find out for certain which facilities were involved, but now they have learned that more than 30 states may be affected.

Last week the FSIS issued a new distribution list that includes all of the Markets Streets in Lubbock, as well as Amigos, and the Target off of University and the South loop.

We contacted management at both Target and United to find out if they still have products on their shelves.

Management at United said they do not sell that brand of meat and immediately removed all the hot pockets products affected by the recall last month, when the initial voluntary recall was released.

Target said they never sold that type of hot pocket at the Lubbock store and do not sell that brand of meat either.

So, why are these stores still listed on the distribution list?

A spokesperson for the FSIS said they are just now learning which stores nationwide may be affected and they must be contacted by a store's management in order to be taken off the list.

USDA's office of the Inspector General is conducting an ongoing investigation into Rancho Feeding Corporation.

They said the plant is shut down and a different company has submitted an application to operate a new federal establishment at the former rancho location.

 The FSIS is reviewing that application. Again, this investigation is ongoing.

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