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Fire season sparks up on South Plains


Warmer temperatures and dry conditions are both key ingredients for a grass fire and the South Plains is already seeing fires spark up in the area. 

Since the first of the month, area fire departments have responded to several grass fires.

Ron McQueen with the National Weather Service in Lubbock says grassfire season usually kicks up in March.

"We often have a bit of a lull in February and then they typically ramp up in the meat of the fire weather season is March and April," McQueen said.

To avoid any disastrous results of a grassfire, prevention is key.  
The National Fire Protection Association offers up these helpful tips:
  • always place cigarette butts in a metal container, never toss them onto the ground
  • avoid using consumer fireworks; leave it to the professionals
  • comply with any local ordinances pertaining to outdoor burning, including campfires and fire pits
  • never use gasoline or other flammable liquids to burn something outdoors
  • avoid burning anything on a windy, dry day

Lubbock Firefighter, Rob Keinast, says fires can quickly escalate out of control because of the strong winds we experience on the South Plains.

"Wind can carry those sparks long distances and get into some dry timber, dry materials, and can spread that fire very quickly," Keinast said.

Lubbock County Emergency Management Coordinator, Clinton Thetford, says it's important to make sure residents take the safest precautions possible to ensure the protection of their home or property.

"Make sure and have all the grass cut down, debris removed, have firewood stacked right against your house those type of things so it's really trying to educate the community on mitigating those circumstances that might cause a fire," Thetford said.

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